nano-protechNANO PROTECH Electric – for extremely powerful insulation against moist.  Apply on Circuit boards, Electrical components, electronic components and equipment that can be damaged by moist.  One single application will last a minimum of one year.


antic2 NANO PROTECH Anti-corrosive – for extremely powerful protection of your metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.  One application will stop rust in its tracks and prohibit any further corrosion.  Apply on ALL metal surfaces prone to corrosion.  One single application will last a minimum of one year from application.


soa1NANO PROTECH Sports, Outdoor & Adventure – for protection of your hunting rifle or gun against carbon build-up, camping electric connections, motorcycle & bicycle chains, sprockets, spokes and frames, boat engines, Jet skis, GPS equipment,  outdoor gear prone to moist damage, corrosion, friction and wear.  This product will significantly enhance the life-span of your outdoor equipment once treated.


nano-super-antirainNANO PROTECH Super Anti-rain – For clear water repellent glass items like car windscreens, mirrors, and windows.  This product is applied once every 3 months.  Treating your vehicles auto glass will ensure that your windows remain cleaner for much longer and water residue is displaced instantly.  Wiper Blades will also be used much less than normal as water is blown away by air when vehicle is moving over 60 km/h.