Application – Nanotech range


  1. Nanoprotech Electric – for all electronic and electrical components – see application specifications under products page.  This product is ideal for industrial, mining, manufacturing and all electric related industry components for protection against moisture damage high and low voltage (AC & DC).
  2. Nanoprotech Super Anti-Corrosive – for protection of all metal surfaces against corrosion.  See product details on products page.
  3. Nanoprotech Marine Anti-Cor  was designed to carry both electrical insulation capabilities as well as act as an anti-corrosive protective coating for the marine industry.  Ideal for boats, ships, water sports equipment, jet-skis, wet bikes, fishing gear, engines switches and wiring.
  4. Nanoprotech Motorcycle Anti-Cor was designed to be a super anti-corrosive lubricant with low current electronic and electrical insulation capabilities.  See product details on products page.
  5. Nanoprotech Bicycle Anti-Cor for frame protection, lubrication and protection of all working components against friction, wear corrosion and moisture.
  6. Nanoprotech Next Generation Gun Lubricant Russian designed to protect military weapons, guns, rifles and heavy warfare weapons against, corrosion, friction, wear and carbon build-up. See product page for details.
  7. Nano Anti-Acid Corrosion Protect – this is the strongest anti-corrosive product for metals in the world (even acid water resistant) – see products page.
  8. Nano Liquid Glass Silicon Dioxide for Textile  – protection of your clothes against accidental stains and spills.  Ideal for the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, uniforms, etc.) See product page for details.
  9. Nanoprotech Next Generation Bearing Anti-Corrosive – this product acts as a nano protective layer extending the life span of bearings due to Super Hydrophobic capabilities.  See product page for details.
  10. Nanoprotech Sports, Outdoor & Adventure – for the camper, outdoor adventurer, 4 x4 enthusiast, off-road rider.  This product is designed to protect your vehicles metal surfaces, wiring, starters, plugs, tow-bar, trailer and lights against moisture damage, corrosion, friction and wear.
  11. Nano Liquid Glass with Silver for Textile – Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-pathogenic textile protection.  See product page for more detailed information.
  12. Nano Liquids Glass with Silver for Surface – Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-pathogenic surface protection.  See product page for more detailed information.  (Medical, food, hospitality) [column]


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