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Agricultural equipment – connectors, sensors and items prone to moist damage.  Apply through spray on application direct onto contact points. Moist displacement will commence within 10 seconds displacing moisture 100%.



Generally used anywhere where moisture and humidity causes electrical failures or corrosion of conductive surfaces:



Moisture, damp, humidity, condensation and water which can cause or has already caused malfunctions and/or damage.


  • Electric contacts, motherboards, fuses and switches that need to be protected against water, humidity, damp, moisture, corrosion.
  • Screws that have to be loosened and/or lubricated or metal parts which have to be protected against rust or corrosion.
  • Electrical cables, contacts, fuses which have to be protected or isolated against humidity
  • Electrical equipment and facilities of all kinds
  • Corrosion prone metal surfaces of all kinds such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, raw iron, zinc, brazing solder, etc.
  • Outdoor lighting devices, sound equipment, cameras


  • Electrical and electronic components and systems which have to be protected from humidity and the damage it causes.
  • Electric and Electronic scales, fork lifts and other equipment and machinery exposed to water and humidity
  • Electric distribution boxes and installations (medium voltage)
  • Traffic Light controllers and pole top installations
  • Water, waste water and sewerage plant installations
  • Electrical plug points, adapters, connectors
  • Cellphones, laptops, TV monitors, speakers
  • Automotive, Marine, Aeronautical electrics
  • Extreme sports, outdoor & research equipment
  • Measuring devices, sensors, telecommunication aerials


Pump Stations

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Traffic Light Control Boxes

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Any Circuit Board can be coated for instant protection

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