Where to Use


 Agricultural equipment – connectors, sensors and items prone to moist damage.




Sports & Outdoor Equipment – Motorcycles

 Lights, connectors and wiring.

  Apply directly onto open surfaces

Nano Protech Sports, Outdoor & Adventure will ensure your motorcycle is protected against all forms of moist for a minimum of one year from single application.

 Going Camping – Apply Nano Protech Anti-corrosion to those areas prone to corrosion prior to going on your safari for ultimate protection against rust and corrosion.



Generally used anywhere where moisture and humidity causes electrical failures or corrosion of conductive surfaces:


  • Moisture, damp, humidity, condensation and water which can cause or has already caused malfunctions and/or damage.
  • Electric contacts, motherboards, fuses and switches that need to be protected against water, humidity, damp, moisture, corrosion.
  • Screws that have to be loosened and/or lubricated or metal parts which have to be protected against rust or corrosion.
  • Electrical cables, contacts, fuses which have to be protected or isolated against humidity
  • Electrical equipment and facilities of all kinds
  • Corrosion prone metal surfaces of all kinds such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, raw iron, zinc, brazing solder, etc.
  • Outdoor lighting devices, sound equipment, cameras


  • Electrical and electronic components and systems which have to be protected from humidity and the damage it causes.
  • Electric and Electronic scales, fork lifts and other equipment and machinery exposed to water and humidity
  • Electric distribution boxes and installations (medium voltage)
  • Traffic Light controllers and pole top installations
  • Water, waste water and sewerage plant installations
  • Electrical plug points, adapters, connectors
  • Cellphones, laptops, TV monitors, speakers
  • Automotive, Marine, Aeronautical electrics
  • Extreme sports, outdoor & research equipment
  • Measuring devices, sensors, telecommunication aerials


Pump Stations

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Traffic Light Control Boxes

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Any Circuit Board can be coated for instant protection