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BOTSWANA – Nano Protech

Nano1  NANO PROTECH – AVAILABLE IN THE LOVELY COUNTRY OF BOTSWANA DURING NOVEMBER 2016 – STOCISTS will be Sefalana, Game Botswana, Other. Our Retail Distributor for Botswana will be Xtreme Brands. extreme-brands

Save your metal, electric and electronic equipment from moist damage instantly.


ACDC DYNAMIC won the award for best stand 18 – 48 square meters at IFSEC SA 2014 held at Gallagher Estate on 13-15 May 2014.
Everybody agrees that NANO PROTECH had a significant role to play in attracting thousands of visitors to the stand. Visitors were amazed at the remarkable demonstration of the powerful properties of this product and many took “selfies” to show off to their friends back home. Thank you for visiting us!!